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Previous Incidents

[Resolved] Intermittent problems on the Vodafone network mean that mobile validations for numbers on that network may fail

  • Mobile Validation
Wed, 8 May 2019
08:41:27 UTC

There are currently some problems with Vodafone's mobile network that are affecting our validation service. We're keeping a close eye on the situation, but until the issue is solved at Vodafone's end, validations may return false negatives for numbers on their network.

08:58:26 UTC

Intermittent problems are continuing - we'll keep this page up to date as we hear more news from the network.

09:48:17 UTC

Vodafone have fixed their issue, and our own tests have confirmed this. Service has returned to normal.

Thanks for bearing with us through the disruption, and apologies for any issues this has caused.

No further notices from the past 30 days.